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Drumming in Schools

Drumming has become so popular in many Australian communities and is now being introduced into the school system with great success and enthusiasm.

Drumming Incursions

The children learn drumming techniques and rhythm structures on a djembe drum in a fun and easy way. We supply the drums and percussion that is needed so all children can participate.  At the end of the incursion we organize (if possible) for the children to have the opportunity to perform for the school.

Drumming in Schools

15 children or more is a good number for a "benefits all round" class.

 A djembe drum is a fun and simple instrument to learn as an individual but there is more to gain and experience when there is a group of children learning together. Each child learns to work and play together as a team, especially when there are multiple rhythms being played at the same time - it takes a certain amount of attention and awareness - and when there are many drums playing together, everyone feels the dynamic power of the sound and vibration of the drum leaving them feeling very uplifted and joyful.

Contact us today to discuss requirements needed for a Drumming Incursion for your school. 

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